The first day I visited my employer, I was in awe. The offices were massive, by a lake and posh (to my delicate eyes). But embarrassingly I was most impressed by a motorised mail trolley they had with *an orange rotating light like an ambulance on the top*. Now, many years later I see the offices, I see the trolley and am ashamed of my naive earlier self.

On Tuesday this week though I was reminded of what pure awe feels like when I visited the Rolls Royce motor cars headquarters near my house for a guided tour. WOW! It was shiny, it was clean and quiet and professional (it is a factory remember!). But most of all it was the silent Rolls Royces being driven along the production line with shiny bits on them (and more importantly each one had a customer name on it as they only build on order). I so want to work there. There were some things that were still very tacky, I don’t think you should be able to order one in an offensive colour, or with your initials or name inlaid into the veneer (ewww), or be a footballer. But overall they were stunning.

However, there was one moment that made me jump with glee. On our guided tour (I was with about 24 work colleagues) we stopped by a scale model of the area, showing the factory and all the roads around. This was ostensibly to show us the natural living roof on top of the factory… but…. along the road… WAS MY HOUSE! They had a little tiny plastic brown monopoly house where I live! So famous!