SharpCloudzilla, an old dog and new tricks


I’m too old for this. I started programming with my Commodore 64 in, well, um, I dunno. A bloody long time ago, probably 1982? Jesus. Anyway, I then moved to the *adorable* QuickBasic. Then onto Turbo C… and then time stood still.

Just recently I’ve been coding a Windows application with fading and buttons and graphics and stuff…. but slowly began to realise that I was still coding in C even though 99% of the world had moved on.

More specifically my problem seemed to be that I was using Win32 to develop my application, rather than the replacement MFC. Or the replacement of that, .Net 1.1. Or the replacement of that, .Net 2.0. Sighhhh. The problem began to get worse as I came to do things like customise the look of buttons etc…

So, I realised I needed to learn something new. Ohgod, that meant… object oriented code! Aieeee. I can’t be the only person on the planet who just *can’t* get my head around it can I? I want to write lines of code that read like a book, you start at the beginnin’ and move downwards! OO seems arse-about-face to me. Sighhh again.

So, I’ve decided to learn C# and .Net 2.0. So far I’ve bought some books. And I’m starting with a ‘type’ and a ‘method’. And I’m already confoosed.

Can I sigh one more time? Sighhhhhh