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Amelie and Friends

So I’ve been to this new restaurant (risen from the memory of the glorious West Stoke House) quite a few times now so feel able to comment… the food is beautiful, really excellent combinations and lovely fresh ingredients. I’ve also been at breakfast time (unfortunately the times I’ve visited at breakfast were full of kids so you have to time your visits carefully!) and both the cooked breakfast and cold alternatives are excellent. However, it’s a little odd in a few ways. (One of these oddities used to be that you couldn’t book – but you can now so that’s great!). ¬†The menu is also over complicated and forces you to ask the staff what you’re supposed to order in what quantities. This always annoys me and wouldn’t be difficult to explain on the menu itself. I learnt you chose from a number of salads (yes, salads) and then if they take your fancy you can add side dishes such as lovely cold slices of fillet steak. But, why would I want three different salads in one meal and do I chose just one, two, three? Do they come in separate dishes? (I found out they don’t). My final minor gripe is I wish they opened at normal restaurant times, We rarely get home before 7pm and this is when they close! OK so I’m nit-picking really as the food is great, the setting is lovely and the front of house are very friendly. In fact, they should be applauded for trying something new with the menu so maybe I should just get used to having options that help my waistline (a very slim one it is now as well). I’m not sure how often I’ll visit as the Field and Fork is still my favourite in Chichester and caters for everything from tea and cakes to a full dinner – and is open at times that suit all customers, but it’s all great news for foodies in Chichester.

The  website is now fully up and operational with more information including menus and photographs and I wish them the very best of luck. Any place that is bringing such fresh and interesting food to Chichester has to be very welcome.