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What a cool and very odd film! It’s the story of a man who is born with the perfect sense of smell… he can smell a sausage burning miles and miles away, which is probably handy for turning up unannounced to BBQ’s in the summer. More seriously though, he’s not quite right in the head and is trying to learn how to “keep smell” – i.e once someone is dead their unique sent is lost forever. Now, oddly his idea to solve this problem is to kill lots of young women and bottle their scent. Not *quite* my number one idea but it made a good film! The main character is great, he’s a young good looking guy but gives you a sense of bloody creepiness through the entire film in his decication to his goal. What’s most strange though is that it’s a “normal” film. Like, any typical period costume drama that you’d expect to see on the BBC, but at the same time it’s really an “indie” type of film as well with it’s strange story and very disturbing visuals. Because of this you never really feel like you know how the story is going to develop… which is good!

Anyway, it has some good ticks…

  • Largest orgy I’ve ever seen
  • Lots of dead naked babes, mostly being sniffed a lot
  • Scary Icky baby in first few seconds of film
  • Paris looks amazing and really disgusting and smelly
  • Great poster!
  • Excellent, odd ending

I might have to buy the book now