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Restaurant Tristan

Had a fantastic meal (13th of April 2012) at this small but cosy restaurant in Horsham last night. The staff were excellent, very relaxed and friendly. The food was brilliant as well… I loved the amuse bouche then the great starter of crab with goats curd. Main course was a lovely beef rib and daube (which is a posh word for cheap braised beef but tasted fantastic). But the pudding – “Pineapple carpaccio, passion fruit curd, white chocolate & lavender” made me have a very special moment indeed. In fact if I wasn’t already so full it would have verged on the religious! I guess my only comment was that the side dishes were a bit limited in scope but overall it was a great meal and I’ll definitely going back. Now I’m going to ruin this post with a truly terrible photograph of the alternative pudding of “Banana tart-tatin with parsley ice-cream”…

Oh that reminds me, there was another pudding on the menu… “Carrot, meyer lemon, stem ginger”. Carrot what? cake? raw? stew? I wonder if anyone has ever ordered this pudding without having the staff reassure them it’s not just a carrot with a lemon and some ginger (-: