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The Fountain – Ashurst

How could I not love a pub that has the same name as one of my favourite films? The Fountain in Ashurst is part of the same group as The Swan in Fittleworth. Both are really excellent pubs with a great menu and excellent food. I am addicted to the burger at The Fountain – I just love it when you order a burger and they ask you how you want it cooked – that still seems rare in the UK…

The other great thing about the burger is the bun it comes in – so many places get this wrong and give you something made out of wood, but this bun is moist and soft and fails to do its job of keeping the juicy burger from trickling up your arm (which is of course the best thing). I’ve tried a few other things off the menu and they’ve all been lovingly prepared and come out of the kitchen really¬†quickly. I can’t fault the place at all, they even have a cute duck pond.