The Corpse Bride


I really wanted this to be good. I love Tim Burton’s work, I loved ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’… but it just didn’t all come together.

I think I know why. Firstly the characters were all so ugly, even the two main living characters were scary looking. Now, I know it was a film about the dead and made up of puppets, but even so, they were ugly rather than being hideous. There is a difference! Secondly, the songs weren’t very good. With exception of the skeletons dance routine of course. They kind of meandered a bit and were often repetitive.

I can’t deny the brilliance of it though, the story was intelligent, the little touches were perfect… but a little like the Curse of the Were Rabbit, the quiet, not very interesting scenes detracted from the flow and cleverness of the film.

Did anyone else wonder how the two freaky kids in the photo died?