The Horror

I’ve always wanted to read Heart of Darkness and watching King Kong recently (with Jimmy’s line “This isn’t an adventure story. Is it, Mr. Hayes? “) spurred me into action… yep, I looked for an audio book to download rather than buy it. I ended up at which has a large collection of audio books in the public domain. Well, the person reading the book needed to remove the broomstick from their ass, but apart from that they didn’t do too bad a job (much better than I ever could). As for the book itself I ended up being disappointed. I was hoping it was all going to be about Kurtz but seemed that the narrator became obsessed with him without any clear explaination why. And after he eventually met up with Kurtz the entire episode seemed to be over shortly after! I hate to be a cretin, but I think I’ll stick with Apocalypse Now. At the very least it has the best movie quote evarrr.