The Memory of Running

I’ve only read two decent books in 2010, isn’t that depressing. Luckily I’ve kept my iPad busy with lots of re-runs of my favourite reads though. The first decent book was “This is How” which I covered in an earlier post, but then I found The Memory of Running by Ron McLarty. Apparently he struggled for years to find a publisher until Stephen King recommended the book.

The story is about a big fat guy who experiences a huge family disaster which turns his life completely upside down and then goes on a road trip through America and his past to rediscover the true person inside him. The writing style is very simple, short sentences all from the heart and giving you a great insight to how he feels about his weight and how people view him. I was convinced for a long time that it was autobiographical it was so well put together.

Through the story you learn about his beautiful sister Bethany and her nightmare existence, it’s one of those books you just keep thinking “oh please let him have a happy ending!” as he is a really sweet guy trapped inside his body and his shame. It’s a really beautiful story and very easy to read… so get started!