The Perfect Bite ™

As I got so bored watching Brokeback Mountain, I started thinking about food. And how everyone seems to prioritise the order in which they eat their meals. Some start with the boring things and get them out the way, some do the opposite. If it’s a complicated meal, I like eating things individually so I can concentrate on each particular taste. It’s a bit like some things are so great you can ruin them if you combine them with something else that’s great (I do have an example here).

Anyway, my point is, that no matter what order you eat your meal in, there is a moment called the perfect bite. It’s that fork full you just look at and salivate immediately (a bit like when you look at the photo of that steak above) and you just know it’s going to be the best moment of the meal. I want to trademark this somehow and make every meal a set of perfect bites ™ (c) (property of me, geroff)