The problem with war…

Well, that might be a little flippant as I don’t mean real war, I mean something far more important… Modern Warfare 2. I have several really important issues that I’m sure other people are experiencing…

  1. In a ground war match, there are approximately 16 people. 8 of which are apparently on the same side as me. So Why does the git on the opposing team always seem to target me with a missile fired from a Predator at an approximate cost of $58K. Is there a special achievement called “Drive Cloudzilla Mental” that I don’t know about? Does everyone else playing Modern Warfare 2 already have this achievement?
  2. When the rare event occurs of me calling in a supply drop there is nothing worse than being killed before collecting it… and watching someone else get my booty. Arghghghgh it drives me mental.
  3. Almost as bad as this, is when your supply drop lands and one of your own team tries to claim it. Bugger Off! You can clearly see me lurking in the shadows waiting for this gift from above so go and stick a hellfire missile up your ass!
  4. When I’m stood at a window, waiting for some fool to walk in front of my sights below… don’t come and stand at the same window with me! There are plenty of bloody windows in the maps, get your own!
  5. Knifing someone quietly in the back is a joyous experience. I do understand that if I ever get mixed up with the law and they find my blog with that phrase on it then the Daily Mail is going to have a field day… but it’s true.
  6. How on earth are people good at this game? Is it because I’m not 12? I’ll start a game and be checking out my uniform, complaining about the dust in the air and thinking about getting my gun ready and someone will call in a nuke already! How on earth is that possible?!?! There don’t seem to be any actual “how to be good at Modern Warfare” guides on the internet… so if any of your have any proper advice then let me know! I guess one of my main mistakes is “see movement in front of me, start firing, hope the person is an enemy and walks in front of my sights before my clip empties”, maybe?
  7. The brushie brushie image is of no relevance but is all that is good about the internet.