The reason for my quietness..


Well, apart from the obvious… the other reason my blog has been quiet is that I’ve been building up to my big news…

Except, my news is not that amazing these days. When I tell people my plans for probably the hardest 5-6 hours of my life they’ll say “wow, you’re mad” or “cool, you’re mad” and that’s it. However, the reality of spending a year of my life in training, changing how I look after myself, the mental preparation and then the amazing challenge of running… a marathon… is in my opinion quite amazing. I’ve never stuck at fitness challenges before, I’ve never enjoyed running, I ain’t the most healthy person in the world and have had to face up to some difficult health options… so to me (yes I’m running a marathon) it’s going to be the biggest thing I’ve ever had as a personal goal (yes, really, me – running a marathon).

As for “why choose New York?”… well, apart from that reason, it’s obvious really isn’t it. Apparently it’s quite a difficult marathon, bloody hilly. But it’s November so it’ll be nice and cold (I hate being hot when I run) and the city pretty much shuts down for the race.

Why am I doing it? Well I’ve always said I will run a marathon before I’m 40 and I never go back on these sort of stupid promises, wish I did! But why am I really doing it…? I guess It’s one of those things that is very simply up to me and me alone. Sure it’s possible to just walk or mooch for 26.2 miles, but to actually train for it, to aim to do my best and push myself as much as I can, well that’s something I’ve never really challenged myself to before. So we’ll see how I do!

I know it’s quite a common thing for people to do these days, which makes it seem more achievable. But to see what it’s like, get your pants on and run a mile in 12minutes. Now imagine doing that 26 times non stop. Or imagine starting running when you get into work at 9am in the morning and not stopping (even for a cinnamon latte) until 2:30 in the afternoon.

And I’m not a marathoner, said out loud it’s simply the most stupid word in the world, I can’t even think about it without sounding like someone with a Snickers obsession. No, the simple fact is… I Am A Marathoneer. Click the link for all the gory details for the rest of the year.