To Say Nothing of the Dog

Well, this is going to be a hard book to describe! It wasn’t bad though! The complicated time-travel story about rebuilding Coventry Cathedral took a while to get into, but once it did I was once again addicted to bath time (where I read). The frightful victorian characters and the poor baffled Ned sent back to try to *not* make a mess of the future were great. And although some things still never made sense it was good fun in the end. The title comes from another book called Three Men in a Boat. Interestingly, the phrase “The curious incident of the dog in the night time” also comes from that book… which I never knew! 6.5/10. Worth reading, but not great.

Oooh, I forgot… best thing about the book. There is an annoying female victorian character who is typically overly-feminine and cute and sickly sweet… and she constantly lets out these mini-screams which the author calls “screamlets”. hehe! But even better, there is a kitten at the end and it does… “purrlets”. Awwww!