United 93

Wow, This film was a real sleeper hit. The imdb score was excellent, the critical reviews were excellent, but I hadn’t found anyone who’s seen it! I was so glad I did, like many people 9-11 was a big day for me, pretty much the biggest ‘world event’ in my lifetime. I’d imagined what it must have been like to be in those buildings or planes many times and this film perfectly brought it to life for me. Filmed so well you don’t realise the camera is there, with very minimal music (which therefore has much more of an effect when it plays) and with actors who really didn’t seem to be acting, they were like real people! The tension starts off bloody high, then goes through the roof.

What would I have done? Panicked, cried, had a fricking heart attack. Hoped that when it came to the end that I’d make you proud.