Urrr, cooking?!?!?!

Well, let’s not get carried away here. It is true that I make a stunning French Onion Soup and I can boil an egg to soldiery perfection, but this post is about Recipease in Brighton… four of us recently attended the “Unbeatable Filled Pasta” course (mainly as it was the only course available on that date).

There is a maximum of 16 people (in the Brighton location) and it’s incredibly cheap, 35quid for about 2hrs and you get to eat what you make (so it’s important to at least try) with a glass of wine thrown in. They even do a two for one offer during the week.

The actually cookery instructions themselves started off brilliantly and in no time at all we were all squidging out rolls of pasta in our machines without too much swearing. It did go a little haywire later on when the chef was telling us how to make the sauce whilst we were all still concentrating on making the ravioli and tortellini shapes so most of what he said went in one ear and out of the other. However he was a great instructor and came along to help with lots of advice at all times.

£35quid for dinner and a good laugh is pretty unbeatable! By the way, squidging is the correct Italian term for making pasta. Honest.

Recipease Brighton