We’re doomed! Doomed!

Went sailing this weekend and despite Captain Colin’s predictions, we didn’t drown, get eaten by the krakan, get blown to the north pole, get run down by a ferry or even run out of crisps (who the hell brings 26 bags of crisps as snacks for a days sailin’ for three people?). In spite of all these predictions we had a great time. Although it really has reassured my opinionated opinion that although it’s good fun, sailing is bloody hard work for the reward. In fact, the biggest issue is the total lack of control. For example, if you’re steering, there is no way *ever* you can keep the boat facing your intended direction at all times. The swell of the waves, the changeability of the wind all conspire to push you in different directions (thus getting you shouted at hehe). In addition, at any moment the wind can gust or you can turn into it too much and then you’ve got to release the sails to stop you from tipping over. What the hell is that about!?!? It’s like driving a car with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on a fire extinguisher and another hand stopping the wheels from dropping off! Gimme a proper boat any day (-:

p.s. OK, I do admit that in the above photo it doesn’t look like a lot of effort (except notice I’m the bugger doin’ all the work out of the two of us)