When I die…

Well, when I die I know that’s it, I’m gone. However if an afterlife did exist I hope none of them are like any of the fantastic stories in Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

It’s a really beautiful book. As the title says, it’s forty very short stories about what might happen when you die. Each one of the tales are unique, from being given the option of what you’d like to come back as next time, being taken to a heaven where god has gone missing, to finding out that your life was simply an act, and many others.

I found that practically every story was somewhat sad. The afterlife never really lives up to what you’d imagine it to be in any of them. I guess that makes sense as the traditional idea of heaven is pretty depressing – full of nothing but do-gooders and with no sinners, maybe even not any cats! Maybe the stories are unfulfilling because the author David Eagleman is a neuroscientist and believes deep down that the entire sum of our lives is really in our mind and dies when we die.

Shesh, OK, that was a depressing conclusion. However, the stories are really beautiful, my favourite was the one with the horsey. Read it and see which one you love the most.