Wolf Creek

Right, it’s not complicated. Pay Attention.

  1. After being attacked, if you escape and run down a long straight road hoping to be found by someone nice… keep *off* the road until you’re sure that the person coming ain’t the person you’re escaping from
  2. If you’ve winged the bad guy but have no more bullets, flatten their head with butt of rifle
  3. If you manage to escape, don’t run wildly off into distance, hide somewhere close to where you were held captive (it’s in the frickin’ middle of nowhere, they ain’t gonna find you, unless they have a dog, then just run) then wait till baddies go out, then go into their place to look for useful stuff like cars/weapons
  4. When you do go back to look for stuff, don’t get cornered in, avoid going upstairs and keep your bloody ears open!
  5. Check back seats of cars before you get in, always
  6. Never run off when you have the opportunity first of incapacitating the baddies car
  7. Don’t go to Australia, evarrrrr

Wasn’t bad. Second film I’ve seen in a week where peoples fingers get chopped off! She had nice eyebrows and was slim. Um, and dead.