Your turn to upgrade…

So it is early January and I have at last upgraded to the perfect Nikon D7000. It is so good that I wonder if I ever had my D80 set up correctly all along…

  • ISO up to 25600. Yes, really that high… And it’s stunning! The best example is go lock yourself in a pitch black room and take a photo… You’d expect it to open the shutter and maybe leave it open waiting for photons until hell freezes over… But the Nikon and its beautiful new shutter noise just goes CLICK and you’ve got a photo! This is primarily where I worry about how I had my D80 setup because even with Auto ISO turned on with that camera it never really seemed to do anything different. On the D7000 you can give it a combination of minimum shutter speed and maximum ISO on the Auto ISO settings screen and it works so so well.
  • Two card slots… This might sound quite a minor improvement, but with a nice 16gb card in slot two and the camera set to duplicate every photo onto this card then you never need to worry about losing your photos again (unless I drop it in the bath, urrr, not that I use it in the bath). You have lots of other options like putting video on card 2 and photos on card 1, or putting the RAW on card 1 and a jpg on card 2… all great ideas!
  • More HDR options than you can shake an under,correct and over exposed stick at
  • High speed continuous shooting of 6fps… Now let’s be honest… Every single man on the planet only cares about this feature as it sounds So Bloody Cool.

Coupled with a new Sigma 50-500mm lens I’m hoping that 2011 will be a good year for taking photographs… Pose for me Robin!