Do you know me?

Wow, what a film! A History of Violence (directed by David Cronenberg) was superb. My God the violence! Ewww, wow, so realistic for a change. Oooh the *cheerleaders outfit sex*! See, you’re hooked already aren’t you. And here is the clincher – Aragorn’s bum! That and a cast including Ed Harris and William Hurt as well and you can’t go wrong. The film about a guy with a past was *beautifully* shot. I loved the scene where the cop pulled the bad guys over, the camera attached to the car was such a lovely touch. So many good things. Be ready for the ending though. I jumped so much that I sent both cats bolting out the room and I think roon might have bitten herself! I wanted to find a picture of the electric, loving, hating and uncertain relationship between Viggo and his wife. But the main poster is just such a great picture, makes me want to do more soft/hard focus photography.